potatopotato lite billigare lite sämre bröllop 19 juni kungligt bröllop malmö

potatopotato bröllop 19 juni Lite billigare Lite Sämre Malmö

"You can go to the moon, you can get married"

Do not miss the happiest day of your life! 
Have you always wanted to marry, but could not decide with whom? Let chance to do it for you when PotatoPotato arranges a wedding for the people on 19 June 2010. 

- "A wedding is nothing but a big show," said a very famous wedding planner, and all we can do is agree! says Freja Hallberg from PotatoPotato Performing Arts Network, which organizes a Kinda Cheaper, Not As Good Wedding June 19th.

While the Swedish Royal Family is organizing a wedding in the Cathedral for the Crown Princess and Sir Daniel, PotatoPotatos wedding is open for the people. For those who can not afford, don't have the time nor the opportunity to organize their own weddings. Those who want to get married, even though they might not have found someone to marry.

- In todays' society there is so much to choose from, so we make it easy for you. We offer the whole package: a spouse, wedding clothes, wedding ring, party and guests. 
Wedding couples are matched by random, and not until the wedding day itself the participants find out whom they will marry. 

But the happy days do not last forever. The very day after the wedding the couples go their separate ways again (the divorce papers are signed when registering). 
- If there is any couple that really takes a liking to each other, they can always remarry! 
Registration takes place at potatopotato.se or days at enrollment to be held in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm in late April and early May. Wedding Guests must register by 1 June.


For legal reasons, ONE HAS TO BE OF SWEDISH NATIONALITY to participate in the wedding. However, one can always come as a guest. Guest registration is found here.

For press photos: here.
For more information please contact Freja Hallberg, 0046-707875253 info@potatopotato.se